March 24, 2016

Community Wide Communion Service (Maundy Thursday) TONIGHT!

HI Friends! One of the best recent traditions of our Vineyard family has been the Valley Wide Maundy Thursday Communion Service, (tonight 7pm) at Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church This is a night when believers from over 30 churches across the valley gather to celebrate Holy Week. I urge you to come. It’s an incredible time of worship. It’s hard for me to describe. I think the thing that makes it so special is that there are so many people in one place who are highly committed to Jesus, each other and the world around them. It seems like you can hear the angels singing along. The OUT focus of the evening is an offering for Uzima Water Filters to provide them to people who need them. There will be a demonstration showing how it makes dirty water clean. Please come if you’re able. Worship starts at 7pm sharp. There is childcare for kids under 5. Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church 1801 Lacassie Ave. You can enter the parking lot from Lacassie or Trinity Ave. -Dave Foster

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