November 27, 2011

Isaiah- Advent 2011

From Mike's message on Nov. 27
Tips for Advent/Christmas Season
Read Isaiah 64:1-9

Ask God in prayer;
How do you want to save/heal me?
How do you want to save/heal those in my life?
What can I do to co-operate with You?

Mike's Message on Advent: Isaiah 64:1-9

November 20, 2011

Farther OUT with Jesus

Here are the verses from Mike's message on Farther OUT with Jesus, on November 20:
Acts 2:46-47, Matthew 9:9-13
How were you reached by God? Who did God use to reach you?

November 13, 2011

Verses for this week

Here are the verses from Mike's message on 11/13

Romans 16:3-5 and 10-11
Philemon 1-2
2 Timothy 4:19

November 6, 2011

Farther in With Jesus

Here are the verses Mike used in his message, "Farther in With Jesus" Acts 2:42-47, Acts 11:19-29, Acts 13:1-5, Acts 19:8-12, Acts 20:20-21 Why are large, medium and small group gatherings important?

November 4, 2011

This Sunday, (Nov. 6) at Vineyard

Well this is one of those weekends that people either love or hate. Some take great joy in the extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning, some mourn the end of Daylight Savings. I once worked with a man from El Salvador who asked me "How can you change time?" (they don't do daylight savings). I had no answer for him. So turn your clock back one hour on Saturday night, turn on your DVR for the 49er's game, and we'll see you for worship at 10:30. November is a great month to be thankful. Many people are participating in 30 days of thankfulness and posting something they're thankful for every morning on Facebook. See you Sunday!