April 19, 2011

Easter Week 2011! (Luke, chapt. 24 and C&K, chapt. 13)

greetings vineyard community,
I hope you are experiencing God’s great and awesome love for you as we move toward Easter and Resurrection Sunday!
I wanted to remind you of our Easter rhythm for this special week:
I) 40 Hours of Prayer – Tuesday and Wednesday
II) Maundy Thursday
III) Good Friday
IV) Easter Sunday

I) Church without Shoes is doing 40 Hours of Prayer starting Tuesday, April 19 at 5:00 AM thru Wednesday, April 20 at 9:00 PM.
We are gathering at the vineyard community center and each hour is led by a different valley pastor. At some of the hours there will be worship music as well.
We are praying for God’s breakthrough in our valley, cities, churches, and lives. Come by any hour to pray with God’s family from other churches.
Most of our community groups are going together to pray so check with your community group leader to see what is up with your c-group.
You will be a blessing to the Lord and others, and you will be blessed as well.

II) Maundy Thursday Worship and Communion is this Thursday, April 21, 7:00 PM at Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church, 1801 Lacassie Avenue, W.C.
Kids are welcome but you will want to be early as this Church without Shoes event is usually packed.
Dave Foster will be leading the worship team with folks from other churches. This is always a special night with God and his people so I encourage you, ‘Don’t miss it!”.

III) Vineyard and Shelter Good Friday Service is this Friday, April 22, 7:30 PM at the vineyard. We will remember what God has done for the world and us in the death of Jesus.

IV) Our Easter Sunday Worship Celebration is at our usual time on Sunday, 10;30 AM.
Remember that we will be taking our special Lent offering for our missionaries Abbie Case and Cheryl Perkins on Sunday.
This offering is from what God led you to give up this Lent or whatever He has led you to give to Abbie and Cheryl.
We will also be baptizing some folks and then have our awesome Easter Potluck Brunch right after our celebration.
Everyone is welcome to the brunch but if you can, please bring something ‘yummy’ to share for the potluck.

My prayer is that this Easter week rhythm will allow you to encounter the Jesus, Risen Lord and King.

Blessings in King Jesus, Pastor Mike

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